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Hey everyone!

Happy Monday, and what do you think about me blogging in English? I have been considering to make this change a while now. Firstly – because I want to, secondly – I am moving to USA so why not, and thirdly – I want to grow my audience even more. I see I have a lot of readers outside of Norway as well, and I want to meet you guys halfway. So here we go! I have no idea if this is gonna stick or not, but at least I’m trying.

And yes, I do know that it’s not valentines day yet. I know I have to wait until Wednesday, but if I wait then you might not get the chance to make this amazing Valentines drink on the day! So here I am, a couple of days early to give you a little bit of a new idea for Valentines.



If you are celebrating with your love or if you are spending the day with your main girls – I still think this is the way to go either way! A little bit of something sparkly in a glass has never hurt anybody. Or not that I have heard of. But please, if you are under age, or over age for that sake – do not take this as something you HAVE to do. You do not have to drink alcohol to have a good time, and to make good valentines memories. Most times it actually can have the opposite effect, and ruin your day. But if you want to enjoy a glass or two with friends, and if you are old enough, I don’t see a reason not to.

And this drink is so amazing that I think you will love it!


All you need is:

♥ Champagne or Prosecco
♥ A Sorbet ice cream
(flavor is your choice, but strawberry and
raspberry make a nice color for valentines)


And that’s all you need! Just put a couple of scoops of the sorbet into the glass and then pour the prosecco over it. It mixes well by it’s self. If you like it sweet then you can put a little extra sorbet in it, but if you don’t I would try with maybe a little less. Just begin with a little and taste your way to the right amount!

I had so much fun researching for something special to show you for valentionesday, and I actually had more planned as well. But yesterday my camera broke, and I do not think it will get fixed or I would have bought a new one before Wednesday.. Sadly. I was so gutted, cause the camera was only 6 months old, and now I have to use a lot of money to buy a new one.. Perfect timing right? Just a little over a week before I move to New York. But yeah, this will sadly be the only valentines related post for this year, but then I can do it even better next year, am I right?

Now on the other hand, I’m off to the gym before I’m heading into town so that someone can look at my camera and tell me exactly what is wrong. I am pretty sure that the camera body is broken, cause it will not focus or take any pictures at all.. And the lenses are all fine. But I think it’s smart to get a second opinion.

Is this something you could think of trying for valentines day this year? And what DO you think of me blogging in English?

Please tell me what you think no matter what it might be! 


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